Blinky makes HOW MUCH?

You can’t get away from it.  He’s on WRAL TV and radio bashing “the rich.”  Talking about how selfish “they” are and how MORE of “their” money needs to be confiscated from them.

He’s on Tom Campbell’s piddly TV show each week (aired typically at 4 am on Sundays on regional basic cable channels).  He allegedly oversees a web site that reads like the web archives of the defunct Soviet propaganda rag Pravda.

But Chris Fitzsimon, according to tax records, IS exactly what he loves to bash most: RICH. 

In 2015, Fitzsimon got paid $104,754.  That’s right. 

That year, the state’s median income was $45,906.  “Middle Class” was officially classified as people making between $30,604 and $91,812 annually.   So, Blinkin’ Chris makes MORE THAN TWICE the median income, and makes more than the generally-accepted income category that defines Middle Class. So, he’s rich. 

I don’t mind people cashing in.  I DO mind people bashing capitalism while raking in exorbitant salaries from non-profits.  Blinky’s parent organization, The NC Justice Center, reported losing more than $1.2 million in 2015.  Yet, the boss — Chris — got PAID BIG.

Chris’s group gets funded generously by sources tied to the Goodmon family — the owners of WRAL.  Fitzsimon gets all kinds of air time to spout his nonsense on WRAL TV and radio.  The station even hosts tapings of NC SPIN.

So, Fitzsimon — who appears to do little more than (1) appear once a week on NCSPIN, (2) rant uncontested once or twice a week on WRAL, and (3) occasionally post something on his group’s blog —  is making six figures.

But let’s look at the salaries at WRAL — the Goodmons’ “mainstream” news front.  You’ve got people there who put in long hours every day on and off the air.

According to this site, the average salary at WRAL is $64,000.  (A LOT LESS than what Chris is pulling in.)  A news reporter makes $56,000.  An anchor makes $63,000 to $74,000.   So, Chris makes a lot more than the whole WRAL news team — for doing a lot less work.

As a good liberal, Chris should give at least SOME of his bloated salary to his less fortunate colleagues at WRAL. (It’s only fair.)

It would be interesting to know how much protection his bloated salary gets from the tax man as a result of his “work” for a non-profit (vs working for a “for-profit” business).

(* Uh-oh.  I hope THIS doesn’t qualify as anti-Semitic.*

5 thoughts on “Blinky makes HOW MUCH?

  1. Brant,
    You missed the $11,000 amount in the other column So Blinky is making $115k in salary and other executive perks. This is just from the Justice Center so there is no telling how much he is making from the other entities out there he is associated with. It would be interesting to see his personal return to see if a “fair share” of 99% is paid to the government as he feels should apply to all the bourgeois out here.

  2. How does any business, non-profit or not, LOSE $1.2 million in one year and keep going? How much did they MAKE? Is it someone’s tax write off?

  3. Aaahhh, the money trail seems to always lead back to Goofy Ol’ Jim Goodmon – The Triangle #1 Limo Liberal handing out handfuls of the family fortune he inherited from Uncle AJ Fletcher.

    If Fitzy The Fop gets $100,000 one can only imagine how much Rev “Bully” Barber rakes in from Jimbo’s inherited coffers.

    The Locke Foundation COULD expose Goodmon BUT that might mean Fitzy’s little chum John Hood would not get his TV time on NC Spin. What would “Prince John” be if not “a TV star” on a show watched by fewer people than attend a Duke Football game. Far fewer people if truth be known.

    Rumor has it that Goofy Ol’ Jim is about to pull the plug on NC Spin. Who will know?… who will care?… who, indeed?

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