Seriously. WHY BOTHER continuing to vote GOP?

In Raleigh, we’ve got ethical lapses galore.  Our GOP majority is coming up with new ways to grow government’s influence — and make money off of the bureaucracy — that even Jim Black and Marc Basnight couldn’t come up with.

In DC, our GOP majority is still aiding and abetting the growing of the deficit and the debt.  Instead of actually putting together a budget and living by it, the “honorables” there are still sticking with the tried and true omnibus stopgap spending packages that help the bureaucracy get by three months or so at a time.

We’ve been told GIVE US THE HOUSE AND SENATE AND WE’LL KILL OBAMACARE AND MAKE ALL YOUR CONSERVATIVE DREAMS COME TRUE. We did that.  They said they needed The White House too.  WE GAVE THEM THAT.  They have all of the pieces of the puzzle in DC.  Yet, sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood are still being funded.  The wall — which Donald Trump got a clear mandate in November to build — is not funded.  The deficit and the debt are still ballooning.  “We’ll get ’em next time,” we’re told. 

How many years have we been fed that line of crap ????  How many years have we meekly accepted it, and tucked our tails ???

Rush was asking the same questions we are now in his interview yesterday with Vice President Pence.  Get ’em next time.  Get ’em next time.  When will we stop kicking the can down the road and actually stand on and fight for our principles? 


15 thoughts on “Seriously. WHY BOTHER continuing to vote GOP?

  1. Exactly. The only legislation they consider is something that grows government or benefits them or their donor class.
    This bloated government and decayed infrastructure is unsustainable.
    People are fed up and there is nothing left. We have no jobs. Corruption is everywhere.

  2. The conservative base gave the Republicans one last chance in 2016. If the GOP betrays us this time, it’s all over. This applies to both Washington and Raleigh.

  3. We are about to hit a great opportunity for the demorat party. If they were smart, they would put up a large number of candidates with a semi-moderate stance on things. If they stayed away from the typical whacko politically correct issues you get from their side and campaigned on common sense there would likely be wholesale change in DC and in the NCGA which would hopefully drain the swamp of the likes of Tillis, Burr, and the multitude of others who identify more with the demorat party than with Republican principles.

  4. The whole intent of RINO Republicanism is to kill conservatism–and they have done a pretty good job of it. At some point conservatives are going to bolt the GOP and form a new party dedicated to true conservative principles.

  5. A quick review of the latest first in freedom poll shows Tillis with a 29% approval rating which is surprising that it’s even that high? Other than Dallas and his cohorts Icsnt think of anyone who thinks Tillis is performing adequately.
    Not only does this budget stab conservatives in the back once again, it will surely give democrats a huge advantage in 2018 and 2020. Furthermore, this budget funds obama care and makes it illegal to build the border wall. Trump will own this bill and will surely give him a black eye.

    1. Lots of people in mecklenburg still like him….. But for the record I am clearly not one of them…. I support platform over people and “A” ratings over “F” rated failures

  6. Political parties cannot help themselves. They are corrupt, by their very nature. That would apply to a “conservative” party as well. And, the larger a party gets, the more corrupt it becomes.
    What conservatives need is one million small, independent movements, not another party. Imagine Freedom Councils, tea party’s and similar groups scattered all over this land. That creates an aroused citizenry and such efforts have produced better results than centralized leadership..
    Why would any individual thinking conservative want to depend on orders from headquarters? It’s time to act like motivated individualists that we profess to be.

    1. “aroused citizenry and such efforts” is why Trump got the votes needed in 2016, in the Democrat-safe states.

  7. There is a real danger with things like Ryancare, this big spending budget, and the repeal of HB2 of causing an angry GOP base that feels stabbed in the back to stay home on election day, We really need smarter leaders than what we have.

    That said, this is one time we can be proud of our NC Republican US House delegation.

    Voting NO on the big spending budget – Meadows, Jones, Budd, Holding, Walker, Foxx, Hudson, Rouzer (8)

    Taking a walk and not voting – Pittenger (1)

    Voting Yes – McHenry (1)

    Our NC House delegation actually did better than SC this time, where only Sanford and Duncan voted NO and the other Republicans voted yes

    We will see if our NC Senators do as well as our House delegation.

    1. McHenry also supported the 1st version of obzocare light. I called his office and told them he was not being honest. The republicans sent repeal bills, actual repeal bills, when obozo was POTUS. They knew he would veto the bills. Now, with Trump in the chair, they do not bring out the bills they have already written and sent. They craft obozocare light. To me, as I told the guy who got my call, that is the same as lieing. Send a repeal bill you know will be vetoed, do not send a repeal bill that will get signed. Liar, plain and simple.

  8. Raphael, I agree with you, but you realize this is orchestrated, right? This is a day time soap opera? They sit in a room and calculate which memeber are in a conservative district and allow them a scapegoat when they have the votes. Let’s take George Holding for example he voted for the 2014 crimnibus because they needed his vote. It’s just smoke and mirrors!

  9. Clearly conservatives must go crony hunting with tough love politics. We should go to these elected officials and demand they resign. Otherwise we run two grassroots candidates; a conservative in the primary and an independent conservative in the general. If we have to vote for the independent the candidate with an R behind his/her name will lose but if 18 or so lost, the Republic and our party would be in better shape.As long as incumbents in safe districts believe you have no option in a general, the GOP will continue our country’s slide to socialism and civil war.

    1. While attending a 2015 meeting of the Davie County Republican Party I recommended running a grassroots candidate during both the primary and general elections.

      The idea was not well received.

      Richard Carter Jr


      “… ignorance leads men into a party, and shame keeps them from getting out again.”

      Benjamin Franklin, 1753

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