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Southern Pines, Pinehurst mull economic development

It’s being reported that Pinehurst, Southern Pines, and Aberdeen are each being asked to pony up $2,500 for the opportunity to have a movie or two shot within their borders.   This sounds like little more than a kickback paid to a site selection consultant…

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Ellmers enjoys another FIVE-DIAMOND getaway thanks to her campaign fund (stocked mostly with lobbyist dinero)

  While our state and nation’s economies tank — while the unemployment rolls grow — while families are struggling to pay their bills — congresswoman Renee Ellmers  has enjoyed yet another campaign-funded getaway to the FIVE-DIAMOND Stein Erikson Lodge in Park City, Utah.  (This is…

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Renee Ellmers: It’s an honor to stand with John Boehner

        Congresswoman Renee Ellmers thinks those annoying folks back home need to just shut up and deal with her new best friend: “I hear this many times back home that, ‘Oh you shouldn’t be standing there with John Boehner,’ ” she said….

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North Carolina congressional Republicans circle the wagons to protect themselves from angry primary voters

Howard Coble has endorsed Mother Jones magazine’s favorite Republican, Walter Jones,  in 2010 and 2012.  Renee Ellmers has endorsed David Rouzer in the 7th district GOP primary.  Virginia Foxx endorsed Howard Coble in his race for the GOP nomination in the new 6th district.  (This…

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Pants on Fire: The Pilot’s editorial page

There Steve goes again with his cheap shots, twisted facts and exaggerations in an unsigned editorial.  I am really going to keep South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson BUSY this election season.  (First off, on behalf of the conservative community, I want to thank you for…

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A seismic event in NCGOP congressional primaries?

    Political insiders suggest that there is a VERY good chance that Virginia Foxx could be the ONLY incumbent Republican Member of Congress from North Carolina to survive the May 8th primaries. Renee Ellmers in the 2nd, Walter Jones in the 3rd, and Patrick…

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Media, leftists depend on voter confusion to battle marriage amendment

At a recent social gathering, I overheard a dear friend comment: “I am voting AGAINST this Amendment One thing.  We cannot have Adam and Steve getting married in the front of my church.  What’s next, Steve and his Pomeranian? ” She was under the mistaken…

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Pants on FIRE: Renee Ellmers and “traditional marriage”

    North Carolina Second District congresswoman Renee Ellmers is airing an ad in the district which claims she fights for “traditional marriage between one man and one woman.” To the folks at the Ellmers reelection campaign:  How does THAT CLAIM square with THIS?   This…

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Grow a pair. If you’re going to say it, put your name on it.

In this brave new world of cyberspace, you see an awful lot of frank, brutally honest commentary being poured out there.  Unfortunately, the most frank commentary tends to come from people who don’t leave their name, or who use an alias. It’s so much easier…

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Keep an eye on Ellmers

        Veteran politicos all over North Carolina’s Second  Congressional District are telling me that the political establishment and the news media could be in for a heck of a surprise on May 8.    One loyal reader, active in the GOP at…