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Good riddance to “Howdy”

The N&O issued a tearful goodbye this morning to the “education judge.”  SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!  (The what?)  : Superior Court Judge Howard E. Manning Jr., best known for his oversight of state compliance with a landmark education ruling, has reached the state’s mandatory retirement age for judges…

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School crime in North Carolina: Readin’, ritin’, robbin’ and rumblin’

It gets downplayed in the drive by media, but the public school are required to report annually to the legislature on the crime situation within the state’s public schools each year. We’ve heard a lot about teachers leaving due to low pay.  We’ve heard leftists…

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Ellmers cheerleading for No Child Left Behind reauthorization

Tea Party and anti-Common Core activists are up in arms over the proposed Student Success Act (HR 5) under consideration in the Congress.  The legislation basically extends the life of the horrid No Child Left Behind albatross that George W. Bush blessed us with.  …

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$211,0000-Plus per year to teach TWO CLASSES ???????

That’s right, folks.  The drive-by media, already trying to paint liberal gasbag and self-anointed “poverty” expert Gene Nichol  as some Christ-like martyr, let this little gem slip: […] Nichol is paid an extra $7,500 as the poverty center’s director on top of his $211,400 salary, law…

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Drive-by crocodile tears over ‘academic freedom’

It’s particularly disgusting to see our state’s drive-by media try to compare the UNC Board of Governors’ decision to shut down a scam on the Chapel Hill campus to McCarthyism or the state’s one-time speaker ban.  WRAL’s Laura Leslie tried hard to get the ball…

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#ncga: Common Core, coal ash commissions (and their price tags)

I’ve never been a big fan of study commissions organized by politicians. They are almost always easy ways out for politicians looking to avoid having to take a tough stand on a controversial issue.  They are great opportunities to appoint cronies, and allow them to…

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ECU’s med school $$$ woes? (Sad, but problem is BIGGER than another govt bailout can fix.)

The drive-bys are telling us that the medical school at East Carolina is in deep trouble: The chancellor of East Carolina University says the medical school in Greenville could close in five years unless its financial losses are reduced. Chancellor Steve Ballard told WNCT-TV that…

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#ncga: Tillman says make NC DPI top job appointed

Democrat June Atkinson has been elected multiple times to administer the state of North Carolina’s public education policy. State senator Jerry Tillman(R) — a former educator and currently that chamber’s majority whip — says he will be filing legislation this session to transform Atkinson’s job from an elected…

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Mad about medical costs? Check out what’s happening in higher ed.

Frustration with the rising cost of health care gave politicians the ammo they needed to hang this ObamaCare monstrosity around our necks. While we’re all focused on that, we’re overlooking developments elsewhere that are also delivering a terrible beating to our wallets — namely the…

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Lefties keep beating anti-police drum ON OUR DIME

You would think — in the wake of the murders of those NYPD officers and the attempted murder of that Durham cop — leftists would tone down their anti-police rhetoric. But, no.  The alleged sensitive crowd is showing little to no sensitivity to the situation….