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Biting the hand that feeds you

Have you ever heard so much whining from people who make six figures a year and work — maybe — 12 hours per week?   THAT is the liberal majority on the University of North Carolina faculty:  A UNC system faculty group has told a…

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Drowning in his OWN B.S. (The Ed Dennison story)

Thats what happened — according to one of my moles – to Moore County school board chairman Ed Dennison at Saturday’s northern Moore GOP precinct meetings. If you haven’t followed things closely here, let me recap.  Our school board is the furthest thing from watchdogs….

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More on public school bureaucrat duplicity

We posted earlier on how edu-crats here in Moore County have a yearly ritual of LYING their posteriors off to the public about their financial position.  *Oh, the babies are going to starve! We’re going to have to pack 50 into each classroom! We’re going…

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Making change at the twilight of the Obama era

I stopped by a particular retail establishment to buy a particular item this week.  I found my item and took it to the first register I saw — which was manned by a young lady probably in high school or not far out of it….

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Spellings: HB2 stemming the tide of liberal loons wanting to teach at UNC

Well, THERE is another upside to all of this hoopty-doo over boys in the ladies powder room. Of course, the driveby FAKE media is portraying Spellings’s comments as moaning about how the law is hurting higher education in North Carolina.   Spellings AND the useless UNC board…

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School funding: The never-ending sob story

In Moore County, as I am sure it is in your county, THIS story is getting way too old:  With Moore County Schools’ dire budgetary straits and ever-stricter state mandates threatening arts programs and athletics, parents and teachers are circling the wagons.[…]  Notice how the…

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Ethics Roulette: (Am I my brother’s auditor?) It’s ALL IN THE FAMILY at AppState.

It’s pretty clear they have a, um, “different” way of doing things at Appalachian State University.  We told you earlier about the university administrator who oversaw a business transaction between the university AND a private company where he serves as vice-president.   How could that…

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Feds’ student debt forgiveness plan could really smack UNC system this fall

The US Department of Education is getting ready to allow millions of college kids the chance to blow off paying their debts — IF they can stipulate they were drawn to taking out a student loan and attending a certain school by “deceptive marketing.”  (HOLY…

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Four years into McCrory era, Republicans STILL an endangered species on UNC faculty

This may not come as a shock to many of you familiar with life in the Democrat People’s Republic of Orange County: […] Professors registered as Democrats outnumber those registered as Republicans by a ratio of roughly 12 to one at the University of North…

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Moore County school officials address religious liberty concerns

We posted earlier about a group of pastors concerned about communications they were receiving from school system officials about their involvement at North Moore High School. Dr. Neal Jackson, the leader of the pastoral group, told us he had a meeting Thursday with some school…