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National and N.C. Democrats, without any successes to tout, crank up class warfare rhetoric

  If you believe the Democrats, the professional Left, and their allies in the alleged mainstream media (AMSM), a couple of rich guys — who happen to be registered Republicans — are completely responsible for all of the current economic turmoil.  Unemployed?  Blame Art Pope…

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Getting rich is NOT a crime

With the rise of Mitt Romney, and the activities of The Occupy movement, and the even more outlandish activities of BarryO and his posse, it is pretty clear that we’re going to hear a lot about how our economic ills are the fault of “the…

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An interesting question for Mitt

      Mitt Romney’s work with Bain Capital, the venture capital firm he founded, has become a major issue in the GOP race for The White House.  Mitt’s opponents suggest that his firm behaved like a vulture, tearing apart and killing off companies, firing…

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SC primary: Can you HEAR us NOW?

          Two South Carolina Republican officials with strong conservative and Tea Party credentials appear to be sending the GOP establishment and the party’s presidential candidates a message.  U.S. Senator Jim DeMint says that the party and its voters need to pay…

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Welcome To The Carolinas

Now that the smoke has cleared in Iowa and New Hampshire, the nation’s eyes are turning just south of me to The Palmetto State. (We, in North Carolina, will get our share of the national spotlight this summer when BarryO and his traveling circus roll…

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While the economy crashes and burns, Little George is worried about his condoms

                        We’ve got record unemployment and national debt.  We’re in the midst of a presidential election, with a lot of debates.  People want to know how we’re going to get out of this mess….

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Waiting on Howard

  Howard Coble, the Republican congressman representing North Carolina’s Sixth District,  appears to be playing the part of Hamlet here at the end of 2011.  Fresh off of hospital stays in DC and Greensboro, the congressional delegation’s senior member says he can’t make up his…

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Merry Christmas! BarryO wants another $1.2 TRILLION.

        That debt ceiling deal Republicans sold us on a few months back is going from bad to worse.  We were told the country would go into default and the nation’s credit rating would suffer if the federal debt ceiling was not…

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GOP in DC waves the white flag on limited government and fiscal sanity

Well — looking back at the developments in DC this past week — we learned that we cannot count on John Boehner, Richard Burr, Howard Coble, or Renee Ellmers to help take our country off its current collision course with economic catastrophe.   Apparently, getting…

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DeMint: Big-spending business-as-usual in Congress

      U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), writing in The Hill over the weekend, says The Tea Party needs to finish what it started in 2010 if  real change is ever to come to DC: The hard choice Democrats have given Republicans has paid…