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NC redistricting: Good to go!

    The US Department of Justice has put its stamp of approval on new General Assembly and congressional for North Carolina — despite a computer glitch that left a handful of communities unassigned to a legislative district: The U.S. Department of Justice gave preclearance…

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Q & A with Renee Ellmers

        I am sure you were sitting around wondering what the favorite dessert of  our soon-to-be congressional representative is. If that question, and others like it, were eating away at you, check out Roll Call’s quickie interview with the Dunn Republican: Every…

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The 411 on North Carolina’s ‘Golden Leaf’ fund

    You hear mentions in passing in statewide news stories about something called “The Golden Leaf’ fund.  In this video, Jeanette Doran, a staff attorney at the NC Institute for Constitutional Law, offers a quick, layman’s terms explanation about this grant-awarding entity.

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Kissell, Shuler, McIntyre part of D.C.’s ‘Dangerous Dozen’ list

      Veteran DC-based political analyst Stuart Rothenberg has singled out three congressmen from North Carolina as part of his ‘Dangerous Dozen’ list of incumbents most likely to go down to defeat in 2012: … Larry Kissell (D-N.C.). Kissell finds himself in a redrawn district that moves…

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OWS: Wait! WE’RE the ONE PERCENT ????

        Morgan Housel, a columnist for the financial web site Motley Fool has found an interesting new way to view this ‘Occupy’ movement that has so captivated the alleged mainstream media.  Take the argument put forth by this group, and measure it…

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Cain being punished for fleeing the liberal plantation

Al Sharpton can incite race riots that cause stores to be burned.  He can slander prosecutors and cops with baseless allegations of racism and rape.  This is a record you would think would draw some outrage from the alleged mainstream media (MSM) and the DC…

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Pinehurst 2011: Marcum on deficit spending

I finally pinned down mayoral candidate John Marcum and got him to talk in detail about his accusations of deficit spending in Pinehurst village government. (The documents he is referencing can be found here. ): Brant, Glad you saw the audited overspending in FY10. If…

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Southern Pines 2011: Grow Your Own Food, Read by Candlelight

  Most candidates for political office talk about how they are going to advance their communities through the new millennium.  Town Council candidate Marsh Smith, a dedicated green political activist, apparently wants to turn back the clock to the time of Southern Pines’s initial settlement….

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Partners In Progress moving to downtown Pinehurst?

Could Moore County’s chief economic development organ be leaving its current location in the Moore County Chamber building on 15-501 to the more exclusive environs of historic downtown Pinehurst?  My spies tell me Moore County Partners In Progress is being seriously tempted by an attractive…

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Razook’s endorses Joan Thurman

Razook’s, the world-renowned women’s clothing store in downtown Pinehurst, has endorsed Joan Thurman for village mayor.  Yep, that’s right.  You can see her campaign signs in the windows of the Razook’s building in downtown.  I think that makes sense.  After all, Joan is a very…