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N&O, leftist teamwork in Wake school board race a travesty

      The N&O teamed up with its former employees in Boss Bev’s press office to walk back her bizarre, baffling, stupid comments about ‘suspending elections.’ Now, the good, down-with-the-struggle comrades in the N&O newsroom are teaming up with a radical leftist PAC to…

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Politico paints a bullseye on Boss Bev

          Politico, the DC-based political web site, says the 2012 race for governor is the SECOND most competitive in the nation: Two public polls found Republican Pat McCrory with single-digit leads over Gov. Bev Perdue, who continues to hang tough despite…

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The Pilot parrots state Dem talking points …

        It is ASTOUNDING how much the staff editorials in our thrice-weekly Pulitzer Prize-winning local paper mirror the rhetoric on MSNBC and the spin of the state Democrat Party.  The latest Pilot editorial  beats that dead horse about ‘extreme’ Republican budget cuts:…

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Ellmers anticipating GOP primary challenge for 2012

        The New York Times has an article up today about nationwide voter anger, and how it could affect the job security of many congressional incumbents.   U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers, a Dunn Republican likely to be representing Moore County in 2012,…

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‘Occupy Raleigh’ running up the bill for local taxpayers

      The hippies camping out in our fair capital city, as part of the global nonsensical leftist temper tantrum known as the ‘occupy’ movement, may be starting to wear out their welcome with locals.  The N&O newsroom — perhaps realizing the cost for…

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Q & A with Renee Ellmers

        I am sure you were sitting around wondering what the favorite dessert of  our soon-to-be congressional representative is. If that question, and others like it, were eating away at you, check out Roll Call’s quickie interview with the Dunn Republican: Every…

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The 411 on North Carolina’s ‘Golden Leaf’ fund

    You hear mentions in passing in statewide news stories about something called “The Golden Leaf’ fund.  In this video, Jeanette Doran, a staff attorney at the NC Institute for Constitutional Law, offers a quick, layman’s terms explanation about this grant-awarding entity.

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NC Teacher Job Loss Misinformation

      The Raleigh-based Civitas Institute has released an interesting study that contradicts the spin from leftists and their media comrades about those mean ol’ Republicans and their state budget cuts: An August 31st   press release by the Department of Public Instruction declared that this fall, the…

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The eloquence of the ‘Occupy’ Movement

    After watching the interview with this woman, this whole ‘Occupy’ thing is making soooooooo much more sense.  (I personally think she needs to go occupy a seat in a classroom.) Click this link to watch for yourself:  Haftin__To_Be_Uproared_-_Occupy_Atlanta  

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BarryO’s appalling VP

    Late night comedians and the alleged mainstream media have tried to tell us that Republicans Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle, and George Bush are the biggest idiots to ever set foot in the American political arena.  Yet, their silence is deafening when it comes…