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The tolerance crowd is not practicing what they preach

Leftist love to tell us how tolerant they are, and how the rest of us should be JUST as tolerant of people who think, look and act differently than we do.  But tolerance appears to be a one-way street with these people. In the wake…

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The real back story on the Parker / state Dems brouhaha: Tax dollars to politicos?

Players in Democratic politics are still scratching their heads over how embattled state Democrat Party chairman David Parker escaped that lynch mob in Greensboro yesterday.  In the wake of the Parmley fiasco, and that disastrous press conference, how could ANYONE remotely connected to the debacle…

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The Hollywood ‘tolerance’ crowd joins in on the Carolina-bashing

  Those people on the left side of the US map — who get paid gazillions each year FOR READING CUE CARDS — are sounding off on the mental acuity of the average North Carolina voter.  (Looking at the state’s votes FOR Barry-O and Bev…

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I’m back! I survived! Now, no one can — er, um –TOUCH me.

At first I was afraid I was petrified Kept thinkin’ I could never live without you by my side; But then I spent so many nights Thinkin’ how you did me wrong And I grew strong and I learned how to get along And now…

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An excellent read from Campbell law scholars on NC marriage amendment

If you want to cut through the nonsense being spouted by our dingbat governor, her accomplices in the mainstream media, and the sour-grapes granolas in Orange County and other assorted locales, check out a very well-written scholarly piece  by Campbell University School of Law professors…

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“I just got punched in the crotch, and BOY do I feel Grrrrrrrrreat!”

Should I stay or should I go? —  The Clash North Carolina Democrats are meeting AS YOU READ THIS in Greensboro to decide whether or not to accept the resignation of embattled state party chairman David Parker.  Even after the humiliating Jay Parmley news coverage…

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Mecklenburg official calls for changes in county policy in wake of marriage amendment vote

  In the debate over the marriage amendment, Charlotte and Mecklenburg County were heralded by leftist amendment opponents for their “enlightened” stances on domestic partner benefits. Now, in the wake of the marriage amendment’s overwhelming approval, Mecklenburg county commissioner Bill James says things have to…

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We look like Mississippi? (Well, YOU look like Joan Rivers.)

Well, our bumbling incompetent boss lady’s “tolerance” is showing in the wake of the marriage amendment vote.  She sounds like she has been hitting the Wild Turkey hard.  (Can someone please go find her husband, Walter Dalton, and have him haul her off to bed…

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Bev’s tax “deal” really 3-card monte scam taking NC taxpayers for a ride

Gov. Bev Perdue and GOP agree on gas tax —  Raleigh News & Observer headline, May 11 2012 So,  Lame Duck Bev’s steno pool in the N&O newsroom want us to believe that their girl is playing nice with GOP legislators on Jones Street on…

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Party disloyalty, weight loss & the choice in the July GOP runoff

It appears Republicans will have to choose between Mike Causey and Richard Morgan in the July GOP runoff for state insurance commissioner.  Some  people view this race as an afterthought, but it actually is one of the more important seats on the council of state….