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TWO majority leaders? (NC’s “conservative revolution” marches on)

          The “honorables” on Jones Street are giving us quite an eye-opening preview of where things might be headed: House Republican leaders are considering creating two majority leader positions for the next legislative session in which they will command a supermajority….

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Attention, Wal-Mart Shoppers: Atlas HAS SHRUGGED!

Ayn Rand and George Orwell are starting to look like real prophets. We’ve got record unemployment, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and business closings.  We’ve been humiliated overseas.  Our embassies have been overrun and our ambassador has been killed.  The recipe was perfect for a change of command…

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The ABCs of voting: J is for Judge. D is for DEFEAT.

  A friend of mine — a fellow politico — was scratching his head over yesterday’s results for North Carolina Court of  Appeals.  Two of three Democrat candidates — one white woman, one black woman — won while one GOP candidate — Chris Dillon, a…

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Monkey business at NCGOP cost Republicans some opportunities in-state

It’s a quite common perception — outside the Raleigh beltline — that the NCGOP establishment is nothing but a tight clique of cronies.  It’s not about growing the party.  There is no ideology — no core set of principles.  Oh, of course the yokels outside…

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Turnout UP all over the Tar Heel State

    Earlier this week, state elections officials were predicting 69 percent voter turnout.  Roughly two million of the state’s 6.6 million registered voters took part in early voting.  They expect two million or so more to cast ballots today. Turnout is quite high in…

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“The Great Unifier” urges supporters to seek REVENGE

Barack Hussein Obama (MMM-MMM-MMM) — who came to power in 2008 promising to lower the sea levels and end racial division — is urging his supporters to seek REVENGE at the ballot box THIS year. Let’s see.  The last four years have included: skyrocketing unemployment…

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The enigmatic Mr. Royal

    The media is dismissing Steve Royal, the GOP nominee for state treasurer, as an also-ran — an after-thought.  Royal has raised very little money and has been so low-key that an awful lot of politicos (even those in his own party) have a…

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What to look for on Tuesday

Overall, it’s looking like a pretty depressing election day for the Democrat Party in-state and nationwide.  I’ve pinpointed a few things that conservatives need to keep an eye on after the polls close: 1.  BEST case for North Carolina Democrats:   The governor’s office is…

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McCrory coattails ????

I don’t think there is anybody — outside of Walter Dalton’s immediate family — who hasn’t conceded that we will be spending the next four years talking about GOVERNOR McCrory.   The crew on NC Spin was speculating this weekend about whether the former Charlotte mayor…

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Endorsements 2012: Causey, Forest, (Ed) Goodwin, Tedesco & Royal

        The Council of State races tend to get overlooked by the media in favor of the more glamorous presidential and gubernatorial campaigns.  It may be hard to get excited about — for instance — the commissioner of Labor race, but that…