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Will ‘Lady Parts!’ become the rallying cry for the GOPe in 2020?

  (I always thought ‘lower taxes’ and ‘less government’ and ‘kill the bill’ were more effective at election time. But, I digress.)   The drive-by media and their Democrat handlers have long championed the importance of quotas and the compartmentalization of people.  The GOP supposedly…

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Hospital exec to Folwell & co.: ‘Burn in Hell!’

  This, um, “discussion” over transparency in the state health plan is getting a wee bit overheated.  State treasurer Dale Folwell, who has a constitutional mandate to administer the health plan, sees an urgent need to reform it and get costs under control.  The state…

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#ncga: Bob Steinburg? Audited. (And the Dare County D.A. was nowhere in the vicinity.)

  Does everybody remember when Senator ‘Pickle’ declared war on Dare County’s top prosecutor for daring to pursue criminal charges against the senator’s top legislative and campaign aide?  (We do.)     Well, the toothless state board of elections has audited the campaign account of…

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#ncga: Funeral Home directing made EASY

  Here the honorables are again, taking care of each other’s business.  And, oh look, Moore County’s own Jamie Boles is right in the middle of it:   State funeral board leaders say proposed legislation to create a “provisional” license for funeraldirectors is specifically designed…

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#nc-03: Dr. Joan, Big DC Money and a gaggle of #NeverTrumpers.

  Joan Perry enjoys lamenting –to anyone who will listen — that “Washington insiders” are out to get her.  Funny thing is — according to Federal Election Commission records,  DC-based and DC-connected political action committees have officially spent more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS promoting Perry’s…

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UNC Hospitals tries to work AROUND Folwell on state health plan. Folwell calls them out.

  Taxpayer-funded UNC Hospitals got caught red-handed using state funds to aid dirty political maneuvering against state treasurer Dale Folwell.  After being busted by a Charlotte drive-by, the hospital group scrambled to get their money back from the anti-Folwell dark money PAC.   UNC Hospitals…

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Hey, where’d that conservative revolution go?

  Check out the latest from the UNC-Asheville Board of Trustees:   Never underestimate the power of a bunch of squeaky-wheeled students to get the grease, or in this case, to get rid of the grease, in the fight for a more environmentally and socially…

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UNC Hospitals caught funding attack on state treasurer Dale Folwell

    A state-funded entity using taxpayer funds to wage political warfare against an elected state official.  (*Isn’t THAT special?*)   State treasurer Dale Folwell was inspired to pursue his special pricing transparency project for the state health plan by the actions of UNC Hospitals….

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Cheering The Obstruction of Justice

  During the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s,  liberals were outraged — OUTraged — by local sheriffs and police departments refusing to cooperate with federal agents in the protection of civil rights protesters and the taming of the KKK.   It was — rightfully…

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#ncga: Steinburg, Hanig group-hug with leftists on the environment

  Yep. I am sooooo sure that THIS is what all of you voted for in 2018:   Regardless of personal views, state officials agree that climate change is happening, and work must be done to protect North Carolina’s coastline.   Friday morning state and…