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We’re #4!!!! (Um … yay ???)

The N&O was pondering why Boss Bev was not tooting her horn about a slight drop in recent unemployment figures.  (North Carolina’s rate FELL from 10% down to 9.9%. Most of that can be explained by tricky bureaucratic math reducing the size of the “work…

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Campaign 2012: The art of distraction

    When you mess up — the perfect way to delay or avoid the repercussions is to change the subject.  We are seeing that tactic playing out rather nicely in our politics on the national and state levels.  Look over there.  Pay no attention…

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John Locke’s Hood misrepresents Amendment One

      First it was Renee Ellmers.  Now, it’s John Locke Foundation president John Hood.  We’ve had a mini-outbreak of alleged conservative leaders throwing in with the left to help throw North Carolina’s conservative grassroots under the bus. The N&O recounted a recent column…

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Campaign 2012: Big lead for McCrory against each of top three Dems in Civitas poll

        The right-leaning, Raleigh-based Civitas Institute has released polling apparently showing Republican Pat McCrory in the driver’s seat for the 2012 race for NC governor.  (Remember, it is only March. The primary is in May.  Barry and his hordes and their cash…

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NC Campaign 2012: Our stupid, biased mainstream news media

We’ve got record unemployment, an economy in the tank, underperforming public schools, crime problems, and rampant corruption in Raleigh.  The mainstream media gets all three main Democrat gubernatorial candidates together, and what do they come away with?  Commentary on a FLORIDA shooting: The Trayvon Martin…

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Fun with The Internet

  Former state Rep. Richard Morgan’s long-time web site address ( now redirects to a site filled with anti-Morgan information and propaganda. Even curioser — if you type in or you get re-directed to BarryO’s reelection campaign web site.

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Tea Party displeasure with SC’s Haley an omen for NC voters considering McCrory?

      Tea Party activists in South Carolina had such high hopes for state legislator Nikki Haley while she was running for governor of The Palmetto State. She had a strong conservative record in the legislature, and talked a good game on the campaign…

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Where will Pat McCrory draw a line in the sand, stand his ground, and FIGHT?

  Former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory TALKS a good game on the need to cut taxes and government. But during most of his reign in Charlotte, The Queen City was the highest taxed locale in The Tar Heel State.  Charlotte attorney Tom Ashcraft fired off…

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More proof the politicians are GOUGING us at the gas pump

  The American Petroleum Institute has prepared an eye-opening briefing on the total tax burden — by state — drivers are dealing with at the gas pumps.  According to API, North Carolina is ONE of SEVENTEEN U.S. states with a combined local, state, and federal…

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An option for NC conservatives with heartburn over the race for governor

  A lot of my fellow conservatives are grumbling about being force-fed a healthy dose of Pat McCrory by the “wise men” in Raleigh.  Those folks DO have at least ONE viable option in the May primary:  retired Superior Court Judge Paul Wright of Mount…