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Dems control two-thirds of process, but SOMEHOW fiscal cliff is ALL GOP’s fault

        We all woke up this morning to media spin like this: ”Speaker Boehner, facing a rebellion in his party, abandoned his plan to avert tax increases for most Americans, throwing budget negotiations into disarray.” The article was about the failure of…

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Media: Lehrer made Obama lose debate

  Usually, everything is BUSH’S FAULT.  We’ve been treated to years and years and years of fawning stories about PBS’s Jim Lehrer and what a great moderator he is.  Now that Barry The Magnificent got his clock cleaned by The Mittster, the media has apparently…

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Does Obamacare cover butt-kickings?

Last night, Mitt Romney showed John McCain how it SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE in 2008.   The Mittster called Barry’s bluff on a number of occasions — correcting his misstatements and  outright lies. The spectacle reminded me of a college professor calling out and correcting a…

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It’s STILL the movie’s fault: N&O leads with story bemoaning “protester” deaths

  Those poor, poor protesters.  Who knew rioting in the streets, burning American flags, and shouting “Death to America” could be so dangerous? The N&O — with its long standing rep as an apologist for the North Carolina Democrat Party AND the Reconstruction-era KKK —…

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Candidate Hussein Obama: It’s the movie’s fault!

Disciples of Candidate Hussein Obama — inside and outside of the media — are STILL sticking by this nonsense that the violence against Americans and US embassies around the world is in response to  a movie.  The fact that it all started on the 11th…

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Campaign 2012: Folks who KNOW clue us in on where things stand in NC

During the past few days I’ve had the chance to pick the brains of a few of the wise men — and women — (Read: political insiders) on both sides of the aisle about what things look like, right now, for the November races. I…

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The DNC in NC: cheering abortion, booing God, and LITERALLY soaking the rich

Well, the freak show in Charlotte is winding down.  We’ve been treated to a celebration of abortion, the booing of God, and serious – I think – attempts to make us believe things are going GREAT.  (By the way, check out the latest economic /…

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Obama’s (and the Democrats’) problem personified

        We’re getting hit by polls in the mainstream media suggesting that Obama is leading Romney, or that the race is too-close-to-call. I had an eye-opening chat with an old friend this weekend that makes me question some of that media spin….

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The declining value of the “Republican” and “conservative” political labels

        In this nightmarish economy, we’re seeing a lot of things lose their value.  In recent years, we’ve also begun to see the decline in value of the “conservative” and “Republican” labels. We used to have a clear idea of WHO was…

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Did the GOP learn ANYTHING from 2008? 2010?

“Give me something to believe in …” — Poison   We’re already getting a preview of November.  The Democrats are already talking about “killing” Mitt Romney and “eviscerating”  Pat McCrory. The GOP response?  Mitt Romney trashes the idea of attacking Obama about his crazy preacher…