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A NCGA-Gov office “family feud”?

The drive-by media and the Moral Monday bunch are working overtime to try and tell us how Gov. McCrory and his fellow Republicans in the General Assembly are working hand-in-glove to deregulate North Carolina, feed grandma dog food, kick her to the curb, etc. etc….

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Gov. Pat & the DOT budget: ‘Bev did it, too’ is NOT an excuse

Republicans took over in Raleigh promising to change the culture — No More Business As Usual. Now we have our Republican governor defending a questionable practice by claiming he’s only doing the same thing Bev Perdue did: House leaders are OK with a quiet decision by…

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Raleigh setting us up for ONE MORE hit to the wallet? (ahem, TOLL ROADS.)

We  got hit with headlines this week suggesting that roadwork across the state could grind to a halt very soon –– thanks to the Federal Highway Trust Fund running out of money: […] “We’re going to have to stop writing checks in July or August…

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Blueprinting McCrory, NCGOP on coal ash?

Early in the McCrory era in Raleigh, we learned about a nefarious plot by lefty groups and their media allies to slime and slander and “eviscerate” our new governor and his fellow Republicans on Jones Street. BlueprintNC advertises itself as a warm-and-fuzzy little lefty group seeking…

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McCrory: Common Core fan Jim Hunt a mentor, hero, adviser

Governor Pat McCrory unveiled his education agenda yesterday, and opponents of the common core curriculum can’t be happy with what they heard: McCrory previewed his legislative agenda in a speech at the Hunt Institute’s Holshouser Legislators Retreat on Monday night, though he did not provide…

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Meet the new state agency. (Same as the old scandal-plagued state agency?)

    McClatchy and other mainstream media outlets blew the doors off of The NC Rural Center earlier this year — exposing all kinds of cronyism and corruption to public view.  Politicos in Raleigh expressed their outrage and huffed and puffed about how something like…

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You can shift money around AND change the entity’s name — but it’s STILL a bureaucratic, money-bleeding mess

Earlier this year, we got bombarded with information about what a cronyism-infested money-wasting mess the state’s Rural Center was. State commerce secretary Sharon Decker was in town recently on one of those ‘listening tours’ that we *love* so much.  Decker sang the praises of “public-private…

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McClatchy now doing HR work for DHHS?

I’m generally not one to argue with scrutinizing the government bureaucracy.  However, it DOES tick me off when our lazy, shiftless legacy media monopoly runs all of these “horror stories” about a Republican administration in Raleigh when the same types of stories earned yawns while…

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The Left’s ‘Big Lie’ re: teacher pay & DHHS crony salaries MAY be getting some traction

    I was out at a social gathering last night, when I overheard a conversation that bothered me.  These were some folks I know — low info voters who are moderate to conservative in their politics — who I know voted for Pat McCrory…

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Gov. Pat, those twenty-somethings and the big salaries

It pains me to even come close to being on the same side of an issue with Chris Fitzsimon and the gang.  They raised a stink about salaries paid to a couple of 24 year olds in the McCrory administration, and the sycophants in the…