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#nc-03: Walter Jones not done yet with Scott Dacey

The votes may be counted and the results finalized for the May primary.  But the first place finisher in the 3rd district GOP congressional primary, Walter Jones, is not quite finished with third-place finisher Scott Dacey. According to a statement issued from the Jones campaign, the congressman is appealing to the state board of elections about alleged misconduct during the primary by the Dacey campaign: […] The May 2018 Republican…

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Walter Jones to Scott Dacey: ‘See You in Court.’

The bloody primary for the 3rd congressional district GOP nomination is over. But it sounds like there will be further discussions, involving lawyers and judges, between two of the campaigns involved. Congressman Walter Jones was on Wednesday’s “Tom and Sadie” radio program talking about the election aftermath.  “Tom” asked Jones about the Dacey ad alleging ties between Jones and George Soros.  The host mentioned the restraining order the Jones campaign…

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Shu’s very bad, horrible Election Day.

North Carolina has an abundant supply of people calling themselves “political consultants” who really don’t have much of a clue.  Unfortunately, the NCGOP has more than its fair share of that surplus.  I, for one, am incredibly frustrated by quality candidates going down in flames thanks to pee-poor advice from these “political consultants.” Many of these so-called consultants are not long out of college.  Many are forced on candidates by…

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#NC-03: John Boehner backs Scott Dacey

That’s what the folks at Bloomberg say: Add former Speaker John Boehner to the list of Washington names piling on against Rep. Walter Jones. Jones (R-N.C.) is being challenged in next week’s primary election. Boehner’s political action committee, The Freedom Project, sent a $1,500 contribution April 27 to Scott Dacey, a county commissioner and lobbyist seeking to unseat Jones. The Freedom Project’s “purpose is to keep and expand a conservative…

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#ncpol: Conservative PAC takes a bite out of Scott Dacey

Eastern Carolina Conservatives Fund is putting its two cents in about congressional candidate Scott Dacey, who — if you haven’t heard — is a lobbyist for Indian casinos. Dacey, Phil Law, and Walter Jones are all seeking the GOP nomination for North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district. ECCF has apparently decided to educate the good folks in the Third District about Mr. Dacey.  A radio ad and a television ad both…

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Wheels coming OFF on Scott Dacey’s Soros fantasy?

Lying and obfuscation are such an integral part of American politics that we often accept it and / or become immune to it.  But sometimes, the bovine fecal matter gets piled on so thick, and its odor becomes so unbearable, you have to SAY SOMETHING. Sites like ours on the right, and The Intercept on the left, are committed to putting the powerful under a microscope and calling out their malfeasance when…

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Soros, Lies & Press Releases.

Cease and desist.  Those are the golden, melodic, magical words being directed toward the congressional campaign of Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey by the reelection campaign of congressman Walter Jones.  What’s this all about, you ask? On Sunday, Scott Dacey (who I hear lobbies on behalf of Native American-owned gambling interests) issued a press release smearing Rep. Jones with the foul-smelling bodily fluids of one George Soros. Specifically, Dacey —…

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#ncpol: When Indian casino lobbyists attack

Pete Benton probably thought his Saturday morning was going to be simple.  He had been asked to be a surrogate for congressman Walter Jones at the Craven County GOP convention.  His mission?  Read a prepared statement written by the congressman to the gathered delegates.   Benton got through part of the statement before time ran out.  The part he got to — as time was called — described Jones opponent…

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NC-03: Dacey’s own #’s show a loss to Jones AND somebody named UNDECIDED.

There is an interesting strategy being put forth by NCGOPe types this cycle.  Put a lot of bad news out there, and demand MO’ MONEY. We saw Matt Bales with the NC House GOP caucus doing it.   Now here comes Indian casino lobbyist (and GOP congressional candidate) Scott Dacey and his campaign guru Paul Shumaker: Okay.  Let me do a little translation for you.  Team Dacey did something called a…

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#ncpol: Donald,um, who? Trump?(Oh, yeah. He’s good.)

Two of the more interesting races in May will be GOP congressional primaries involving candidates managed by uber-consultant Paul Shumaker.  Shumaker is known for his cookie-cutter approach to campaign management.  And it shows in his guidance of the campaigns of his clients, Robert Pittenger in the 9th district, and Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey in the 3rd. Shumaker has both men attaching themselves at the pelvis to the 45th president….