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Cooper ignored 2010 voting allegations in Bladen

What a difference (nearly) a decade can make.  Word has come out that the SBI was all over some serious allegations of voting irregularities in Bladen County as early as 2010.  The North Carolina Department of Justice was alerted.  Anyone remember WHO was attorney general (AKA head of that department)…

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#ncga: Aaaaaaaaand HERE come the skeletons!

Here we are, less than a week before early voting,  and all kinds of folks’ dirty laundry is coming over the transom.  (I think I am going to have to bring on a few interns to help weed through all this.) Let’s get started with our first set of victims….

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#ncga: Speaker Timmy getting inspected by the SBI

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  The NCGOP doesn’t have a brand problem.  It has a leadership (er, lack of) problem. Too many of the most party’s most prominent, public faces keep painting themselves into embarrassing or ethically-dubious situations. These folks are human.  They make bad decisions…

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Regarding Neil Godfrey ..

While vultures circle overhead, and the hyenas salivate over Moore County sheriff Neil Godfrey’s political corpse, we’d like to throw some important information into the mix.  Make no bones about it — we’re fans of Neil Godfrey around here. I have had TWO encounters with him socially.  I met his…

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#NCGA: The tug-of-war over the SBI

A move is afoot on Jones Street to consolidate state law enforcement in the executive branch.  In many states, you have one centralized state police force.  In North Carolina, it seems every statewide elected official — except the lieutenant governor — has lawmen under their command.  (Even the insurance commissioner…

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A Carolina horror story: re-aligning the SBI

I don’t understand what has people — who don’t have a political allegiance aligned with that of Attorney General Roy Cooper — all shaken up about realigning the SBI into the Department of Public Safety.  TONS of other states have a state police force under the command of the governor….

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Turf wars and other tripe

    Let’s count all of the various state law enforcement authorities we have here in North Carolina.  We have DMV enforcement — which goes after trucks that dodge weigh stations, and deals with things like vehicle theft and vehicle documentation issues.  We have the NC Highway Patrol, ,which we…

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Roy Cooper: Talk about a missed opportunity

    2012 is supposed to be a boon year for North Carolina Republicans — landing the Governor and Lt. Governor seats for the first time since 1988, as well as  a number of other council of state seats.  Unfortunately, the post of attorney general, one of the most powerful…