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UNC Law. Dave Matthews Band. Sex Scandal. Gene Nichol.

” … I did it.  Guilty as charged …” — actual Dave Matthews Band lyric __________________ The loathsome, odious Gene Nichol  — who sources say may or may not live in a van down  by the river — serves as The Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor at UNC Law School.  Apparently, the job requirements for a Tinsley “distinguished” professor include penning op-eds bashing Republicans and  traveling around to make speeches bashing…

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(*THUD!*) UNC law school falls down. Can it get up?

It’s kind of like those folks who CAN’T understand why fans are fleeing the NFL in droves.  (Could it have anything to do with a certain prof who lives in  a van down by the river?) Here’s the latest from Business North Carolina: Imagine the outcry if UNC Chapel Hill’s men’s basketball team was ranked 45th in the national polls. Goodbye Roy Williams! That’s the situation facing the university’s law…

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Gene Nichol. Still full of it. Still on OUR DIME. (In a van. Down by the river.)

This Nichol guy on the faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill is a piece of work.  We’re forced to subsidize his bloated parasitic carcass year in and year out while he does little more than call us names and give us the finger.  (I swear he evokes memories of Matt “In a van down by the river” Foley.) A guy making roughly a quarter-mil a year from the taxpayers positions himself as…

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Criminalizing Poverty? So says UNC Law’s Dave Matthews Band “distinguished” professor of, um, SOMETHING.

Drive a stake in his heart — by pulling some of his public funding — and he STILL comes back. Gene Nichol — who we’ve heard from ad nauseum over the years — holds a professorship at UNC Law named after a member of The Dave Matthews Band.   I don’t understand what Dave’s guitarist has to do with lawyering, though.  If you haven’t heard, Ol’ Gene is joining forces with Bert…

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UNC’s Nichol confuses our Founding Fathers with KARL MARX

It’s always heart-warming to be lectured by an overpaid, over-fed state employee, who does very little for his six figure salary, about how selfish and greedy we are.   Gene Nichol of the UNC law school says our state’s Republicans are attacking our country’s natural birthright — ‘equality.’  : […] It came as little surprise when a federal court ruled an array of North Carolina’s state legislative districts were racially gerrymandered….

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Of roaches and statist mooches

A friend of mine in the pest control business told me once about the importance of spraying a whole building evenly at one time.  Spraying one section, leaving, and then coming back later for more, only causes the critters to scatter to the unsprayed parts of the building for relief. Statists who spend their entire lives on the taxpayer’s dime — while criticizing the rest of us who actually work…

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Drive-by crocodile tears over ‘academic freedom’

It’s particularly disgusting to see our state’s drive-by media try to compare the UNC Board of Governors’ decision to shut down a scam on the Chapel Hill campus to McCarthyism or the state’s one-time speaker ban.  WRAL’s Laura Leslie tried hard to get the ball rolling on this scam — portraying bloviated buffoon Gene Nichol as a martyr — but had a hard time finding ANYONE, even other academics, to actually…

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UNC Faculty: Don’t YOU PEOPLE worry about how we use the $$$ the govt shakes you down for

        Bill Barber, his rabble, and their allies in the media and North Carolina Democrat Party have been hitting us with sob stories about the short-changing of higher education in North Carolina that apparently started when that bad man from Charlotte moved into the executive mansion on Blount Street.  It’s hard to be sympathetic to those complaints when you take a close look at what’s going on…

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Forget the football and basketball teams. How about that LAW SCHOOL?

    Chapel Hill is known mainly for two things:  (1) Great basketball and (2) loony-tunes lefty nuttiness.   Basketball is down a little bit this year.  (The football team is showing some promise as it emerges from probation.)  But the UNC law school is still swinging away in all of its leftist glory. I have a judge friend here in the state who also happens to be a UNC…