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NC-09: Horrible News

  That’s “who” sent this email out this afternoon: “Horrible News”  is an alias tied to the email account used by NCGOP communications director Jeff (*$#@*!) Hauser.  Just like the crazy email sent out not too long ago under Dallas’s smiling face and letterhead, this one raises questions like: I assume they’re talking about The Ninth Congressional District.  HOW DO THEY KNOW the race is “close” when the GOP has…

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NC-09: Dallas & Gramps make “an exception” for Mark Harris

  This email hit inboxes this week: Dear Friend — This is an important message. As policy, the NCGOP does not engage its list of donors and supporters to solicit donations to individual candidates and causes. We don’t do this because of the financial needs of the Party and sheer volume of candidates.  Chairman Hayes has authorized a rare exception for our friend, Congressman-Elect Dr. Mark Harris.  After the votes were…

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The $$$-chase: Party in the U-S-A (with Thom)

I hopped off the plane at LAX With a dream and my cardigan Welcome to the land of fame excess, Whoa, am I gonna fit in? Jumped in the cab, Here I am for the first time Look to my right and I see the Hollywood sign This is all so crazy Everybody seems so famous … — Miley Cyrus ___________ Forget Waldo.  Where’s Thom? If you’ve got a few…

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#ncga: Wilmington’s Davis (R), Morgan (D) locked in tight $$$ chase

House District 19 is one of the districts state Democrats are targeting in their effort to whittle down the GOP majority on Jones Street. At the end of the second quarter, it appears incumbent Ted Davis (R) and challenger Marcia Morgan (D) are locked in a tight, very competitive battle for campaign dollars. According to campaign finance reports filed with the state,  Davis has raised $102,036.35 between January 1 and…

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#ncga: Could Steinburg’s NC House seat flip to D?

The fundraising numbers in HD-1 are so competitive that it might just be possible. Former Chowan County commissioner (and 2012 GOP nominee for secretary of state) Ed Goodwin is seeking to replace Bob Steinburg (R), who is giving up his seat to run for the open senate district 1 seat. Bertie County commissioner Ron Wesson is the Democrat nominee for the HD-1 seat. According to the latest campaign finance reports,…

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#ncga: Prospects of GOP re-taking Pendleton’s House seat look bleak

Gary Pendleton (R) lost his hold on Wake County’s House District 49 in November 2016.  One would think rookie legislator Cynthia Ball (D) would be ripe for the taking in a district that has seen recent GOP representation. Sadly, the latest campaign reports indicate that Ms. Ball is likely to win a second term in November. Republican nominee David Robertson reported raising NO money in the first quarter of 2018….

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#ncga: “I’ll take ONE senate seat for $500K, please.”

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Sam Searcy (D), candidate for the SD-17 seat in Wake County, has loaned his campaign  $500,000.  He is seeking to knock off incumbent Tamara Barringer (R) in November. THAT loan by Searcy puts his total fundraising haul for the cycle at $648,156.39.   And we’re STILL roughly four months away from election day. Barringer, in comparison, has raised $51,157 for the cycle. The…

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#ncga: In HD-98, Clark (D) leading incumbent Bradford (R) BIG in $$$ chase

This seat in the Charlotte area has had a long Republican tradition.  John Rhodes. Thom Tilli$$$.  And now John Bradford. However, the most recent campaign finance reports show challenger Christy Clark (D) is quite competitive on the fundraising front.  For the first quarter of 2018, Clark reported raising $33,433.13.   Incumbent John Bradford reported raising $6,075 for the same period.   Let’s move to the second quarter.  Clark reported raising…

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#ncga: In HD-40, Avila (R) leading incumbent John (D) in $$$ chase

This rematch of 2016 appears to be looking a little more favorable toward Marilyn Avila.  She lost her Raleigh-based seat to Democrat Joe John that year in a race heavily targeted by state Democrats and liberal groups. Campaign reports for 2018 show John raising $29,645 in the first quarter and $16,799.42 for the second quarter.  THAT is a total of $46,444.42 for the year. Avila, by comparison, raised $27,494.55 in…

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#ncga: In HD-20, Cohen (D) neck-and-neck in with Grange (R) in $$$ chase

Things are looking a little interesting in this very-Republican district. Incumbent Holly Grange (R) is running for her second full term in Raleigh.  (She was appointed to the seat in mid-2016 thanks to the incumbent’s resignation.) According to campaign reports, Grange raised $30,557 in the first quarter of 2018 and $29,377.75 for the second quarter.  THAT is a total of $59,954.75 for 2018. Let’s look at challenger Leslie Cohen.  For…