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#ncga: Draft Boswell ?

That’s what a new website is asking us to do.  Beverly Boswell, a Dare County Republican, lost her reelection bid to the NC House on May 8th.  This new site is seeking support for her jumping to the newly-minted Constitution Party of North Carolina and running for her House seat in November as a member of the new party. There’s no word yet if Boswell is actually endorsing this move….

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#ncga: Steinburg ally beats up Boswell

Beverly Boswell committed the sin of being nice to Clark Twiddy, the Dare County businessman fighting Bob “Cleanup on the pickle aisle” Steinburg for a state Senate seat.  As payback, Steinburg — between thumps on his seldom used Bible — reached into his Nixonian bag of dirty tricks and found her a primary opponent. Bobby Hanig of Currituck County — who, by the way, swears that everyone in The Outer…

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#ncga: Tide pods? (*Yummy!*)

The N&O’s AndyPaul Speck (*Spock? Spoke? Specht?*) — heir apparent to Colon “Toilet Boy” Campbell and John “The Shih Tzu” Frank — does a bang-up job transcribing and publishing crib notes from leftist opposition research types (when he’s not trying to play catch-up with this site). It’s pretty clear that the lefties want the scalp of one Beverly Boswell,  a rookie Republican state representative from Dare County.  Boswell speaks her…

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#ncga: Threats, a primary, and a lawsuit.

You wonder why more people don’t throw their hats in Raleigh’s poltiical ring. Dare County Republican Beverly Boswell campaigned as a conservative and has served as a conservative.  She hasn’t minced words.  And that has made her a lot of enemies. The ACLU and their environmental wacko allies are coming after her with a lawsuit demanding documentation of EVERY communication and interaction she has ever had with anyone in her…

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#ncga: ACLU goons targeting Dare’s Boswell

Republican Beverly Boswell captured a very competitive seat from the Democrats last time around.  She ticked off the GOPe and the Left simultaneously.  She’s an outspoken, tell-it-like-it-is conservative. So, all that makes her a marked woman. Well, another election cycle is approaching.  So, it was about time the hordes geared up for war. The ACLU of North Carolina and Kitty Hawk resident Craig Merrill have teamed up for a public…

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#ncga: Oh, look. We’ve got (HB867) mail.

We filled you in earlier about some John Bell-inspired skullduggery related to commercial fishing.  Apparently, there are some new developments.  At least that’s what Rep. Beverly Boswell (R-Dare) says in this email to commercial fishing supporters: Good Afternoon, We have avoided a great disaster.   The Wildlife Committee scheduled a meeting late yesterday afternoon.  HB 867 was NOT on the agenda.  While in Committee all morning, I received MULTIPLE phone calls…

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#ncga: Rep-elect Boswell already showing promise

Earlier, we told you about Jimmy Dixon flipping his lid over an email from a freshman legislator? Well, here’s what set him off:  Subject: Interests/Goals Good Evening Sirs. It was a pleasure to meet with you, all of you. I look forward to being a worker bee. It’s what I do best. Since I missed the first meeting I didn’t have the opportunity to share my list of goals/ concerns….

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#ncga: You STILL need to get out and vote for Boswell in HD6

Contrary to popular belief, a pre-election candidate death does not automatically give the election to the surviving candidate.  Chapter 163 of the North Carolina General Statutes spells out the rules for filling vacancies. We learned this weekend that Warren Judge, the Democrat nominee for NC House district 6, passed away. If he still manages to get more votes than Republican Beverly Boswell, local Democrats can pick a replacement for Judge…

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#ncga: Show Beverly Boswell some love this coming Election Day

One of the few good chances we conservatives have this year to switch a liberal vote in the NC House to a conservative one is in House District 6 on The Outer Banks.   Dare County Commissioner Beverly Boswell is seeking to replace Democrat-turned-Unaffiliated legislator Paul Tine, who decided not to seek reelection this year.  Tine had a spat with his caucus, registered unaffiliated, and began caucusing with Republicans.  Though, he continued…