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#ncga: Jones St. RATS move on Dale Folwell

  Dale Folwell was an outspoken, passionate conservative during his time in the North Carolina House.  He ran for — and won — the position of state treasurer in 2016.  One of the top constitutional responsibilities of the treasurer is to administer the state health plan. Folwell oversaw the employment security commission for Pat McCrory, and got that sorry mess straightened out.  He has a record of straightening out messes….

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#ncga: They came for your mopeds. They came for your grass clippings. NOW they want your kid’s bike.

  The remnants of the ‘conservative revolution’ in Raleigh sure are sounding a lot like the flaming bags of poo we threw out in 2010.  There must be something about getting closer to all that taxpayer and lobbyist ca$h that make you want to get deeper into other people’s business, pilfer away more of their hard-earned cash, and not give one damn about cutting the size or scope of our…

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EXCLUSIVE: The McCrae Dowless interview.

  The man at the center of the political theatrics surrounding the Ninth Congressional District race had a few things to tell us.  Some of it — we’ve heard already.  Some of it was news to us. On February 22, we submitted via email five questions about the saga to Leslie McCrae Dowless.  Mr. Dowless promised to review the questions with his attorney, and then get back to us with…

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NC-03: The doctor is IN! (And there’s a crowd building in the waiting room.)

It’s probably good to remind the Raleigh drivebys that there is something else to do out there besides stomp on Mark Harris and stalk McCrae Dowless.  There is ANOTHER open race for Congress out on the coast, necessitated by the unfortunate and untimely passing of Walter B. Jones, Jr. It looks like the race for The Third Congressional District will have more takers than the Ninth will.  There could be…

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WRAL-TV, GoFundMe tag-teaming McCrae Dowless?

That’s what it might look like to the casual observer.  Check this out from  Twitter the other day:   In most cases, this Twitter account is overseen by Travis Fain  — who thought he was too cool for school in giving Pat McCrory a civics test back when he worked for The Greensboro Driveby rag, and Mister Laura Leslie, (s)he of the-church-people-murdered-all-those-gays-in-that-Orlando-nightcliub  fame. (I guess it’s pretty easy for WRAL…

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Moore County’s Miriam Chu looking at NCGOP vice-chairman job

She’s a mom.  A physician’s wife. An artist.  A retired corporate executive.   An experienced grassroots politico and worker.  But Moore County’s Miriam Chu would like to add one more item to her CV:  vice-chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.  With Michele Nix, the current occupant of that post, running for Congress,  the VC position will be open. Chu has held a number of positions within her local Republican…

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Your authoritarian streak is showing.

  The ideology that claims to be the champion of personal freedom sure is taking a hard-nosed stance against things they don’t like.  Say something that offends one of the Left’s protected groups, and your reputation will be destroyed.  (Try being in office, or running for office, and defending the concepts that there are only two genders and men should only visit men’s restrooms and locker rooms.  Try going into…

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NCGOPe’s Barry says what most of us think about NCGOP status quo

Now, I think we know why “Foul-Mouthed Jeff” tucked tail and apologized so quickly.   Here’s Union County GOP chairman Dan Barry offering up his two cents on Facebook: What’s ol’ Dan talking about?   Oh, THIS: That is an excerpt from the weekly email blast produced by NCGOP communications director “Foul-Mouthed Jeff” Hauser.  (He of verbally-abusing-Mark-Meadows-and-Walter-Jones fame.) Barry made some noise some time back about running for chairman  —…

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#ncpol: NCGOP’s Jeff Hauser is (*SOB!*) soooooooo very, very very, very sorry.

That’s one heck of a rude, foul-mouthed little kid they’ve got running the NCGOP communications operation in Raleigh.  He slandered the late Walter Jones all over social media.  He chewed out Rep. Mark Meadows in person (for the unforgivable “crime” of supporting Jones’s reelection). He’s attacked me on social media with some of the most vulgar, obscene language I’ve heard since my days playing football.   (We  also get the…

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A gentle word about user names, aliases and so forth.

  Greetings, people.  I am Joey Bats, general counsel to the motley crew here at Haymaker HQ.  I’ve been asked to take a few moments to remind you about user names and aliases.  (Apparently, some of y’all STILL ain’t gettin’ it.) VIP Posters. There are certain folks who comment regularly on this site who have very cool jobs, or happen to be very newsworthy celebrity types in real life.  We…