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#ncga: Statist math (and a ponderous question)

  I ran across this on Twitter tonight. HOW does something called “Paid” which targets state employees — who are paid by tax dollars — cost the taxpayers “zero dollars”? *Will the law firms of Messrs.  Chaudhuri and Britt be picking up the tab?* (Asking for a friend.)

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#nc-03: “Fairweather” Francis takes back his denial, packs up his carpet-bag

  It seems like just yesterday when THIS got posted on our site: (He had been.  But that’s for another time.)   Yep, Francis DeLuca — former deputy to John Hood at that toothless tiger known as Civitas —  tried to tell us all he was not interested in running to replace Walter Jones, who had let everyone know he was in his last term at the time DeLuca posted…

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NC-03: Ready, Set, Vote! (Cooper’s schedule announcement answers, raises questions.)

    Well, we now know when folks will be voting to replace Walter Jones in Congress.  We just don’t know exactly HOW MANY people will be running or HOW MUCH it’s going to cost those small, poorer northeastern counties who were counting on ONE 2019 election and may now have to finance up to FOUR.  Filing for the race will occur between March 4 and March 8.  (So, some…

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#ncpol: Once again, WHERE are the reports?

  If you listen to the drive bys and all the talking heads in Raleigh, the investigation into “vote fraud” in southeastern North Carolina is DONE.  ONE GUY, working for Republicans  of course, has been charged.  Roughly 1800 pieces of evidence, and more than 70 witnesses are being ignored.   Thanks to our discussion with McCrae Dowless, we learned that there was possibly at least one person in Bladen County,…

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Deja vu and The tale of the e-mail.

    Two years ago, Dallas & co. at the state GOP HQ played games with the chairman’s race.  They managed to get incumbent Robin Hayes all the info he needed to campaign  for reelection.  But challenger Jim Womack hit roadblock after roadblock in trying to obtain simple things like emails and phone numbers for convention delegates. You would think that — with all the bad karma floating around inside…

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Robin & Dallas’s lawyer running for NCGOP vice-chairman

  Michele Nix is abandoning the sinking ship at NCGOP HQ to run for Congress.  In their bid to cling to power,  Dallas Woodhouse and his Grandpa have recruited the party’s attorney to try and replace her.   (Miriam Chu, a party activist widely and deeply respected among Tea Party activists and moderates, has already announced her intention to run for vice-chairman.) NCGOP general counsel John Lewis has taken to…

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NC-09: Were Bladen DEMS tipped off about pending state board of elections probe of McCrae Dowless?

  THAT is what it’s starting to look like: […] The President of the Bladen County Improvement Association says he was tipped off that the North Carolina State Board of Elections would be investigating McCrae Dowless and absentee ballot programs in Bladen County during the 2018 election cycle. In an exclusive interview with WBTV, BCIA President Horace Munn says he received the tip before the 2018 primary. Shortly after getting…

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#ncga: It’s a veritable RAT parade ….

  They’re coming out of the woodwork in the North Carolina House to shiv treasurer Dale Folwell.   For the unpardonable, inexcusable sin of trying to increase efficiency and save taxpayer money in regard to the state health plan. The latest weasel-rat-RINO  hybrids to sign their name to H184, which prevents Folwell from doing anything that might decrease or halt the flow of hospital lobbyist cash to the pockets of…

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#ncpol: Is Forest campaign “buying off” potential McCrory 2020 comeback fans?

  Former Governor Pat McCrory is not keeping it a secret that he’s eyeing either a run for governor or the US Senate in the near future.  That’s surely a concern to Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and his team.  Forest has made no secret of the fact that HE would like to be the GOP nominee for governor in 2020.  Some political observers in the Charlotte area are noticing some…

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#ncga: Even more RATS pile on Folwell in the House

  We told you earlier about a bill promoted — and likely drafted by — the hospital lobby to screw over treasurer Dale Folwell.   Well, the list of weasels and rats putting their names on the bill is getting bigger.  Some folks apparently owe the hospital lobby much more than we realized.  Here’s an updated list of the sponsors: Rep. Chris Humphrey (R) — Mr. right place, right time….