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#ncpol: Walter Jones, RIP.

I’ve been on a roller coaster ride over the years with Walter Jones.  In the early 90s, while in DC, a fellow North Carolinian started telling me about this rebellious conservative Democrat in the North Carolina House.  “He’s one to keep your eye on,” my friend told me. No joke.  Walter B. Jones, Jr. left us today — his 76th birthday —  for that grand journey through the pearly gates….

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#ncga: Tim Moore, innocent victim.

  In the Speaker Joe Hackney era, you use campaign funds to buy yourself some new suits and you get bounced out of the House. Do it in the Tim Moore era, and you get promoted up the food chain in the House.  I disagreed with Joe Hackney’s agenda.  But I admired the heck out of his efforts to keep his (and our) House relatively ethically-clean.  I just wish there…

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ICE ruins Taco Tuesday in Lee County. Amnesty crowd throws a fit. (Film at 11.)

  The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement service (ICE) swept into our fine state this week to actually enforce federal law on immigration and employment.   Something called Alerta Migratoria NC issued a call to arms to its shock troops: Isn’t that sweet?  They have to tell their empty-headed supporters WHAT TO SAY when someone picks up the phone on the other end.  (Want to place bets on how many…

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Deep Thoughts. On blackface.

  I have what you might call an off-color, politically-incorrect sense of humor.  Lots of other folks do, too.  We used to, in this country, be able to laugh at each other without the jack-booted PC thugs kicking in your door and destroying your life because of a 30 year old party photo. Granted, I am enjoying the fact that it is now eviscerating the very people who got this…

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Drivebys, Democrats butt-hurt over ICE raids in NC

  Here’s the heir apparent to The N&O’s notorious ‘Toilet Boy’: Really, Andy? (or is it Paul?)   If you click on the link you’ll see those officers have “POLICE | Homeland Security” on their jackets.  Homeland Security does not count as “NC Police.”  Those are FEDS.  (Maybe it’s time to go help Lauren with her vigil at the legislative building concession stand and leave the reporting and observing to…

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“Renee Ellmers for North Carolina”? (*Ewwwww!*)

  This campaign consultant is circulating the following: This info sure doesn’t come up on our Facebook searches.  (*Of course, we might be blocked.  We’re well-known fans of this particular she-devil.*)  We broke the story a while back about some consultants trying to get her to come back from her US DHHS job in  Atlanta and run for something (like, oh, lieutenant governor.)   Mercer MUST have been one of…

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On The trail of ‘Blackface Roy’

  Blackface makeup is eviscerating the Virginia Democrat Party right now.  And something tells me that the British media believes there’s a good chance it could rock North Carolina Democrats as well: Horrifying blackface and lynching images from North Carolina Democrat Roy Cooper’s yearbook have emerged just days after he called on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign over racist images in his yearbook.  The pictures surfaced Wednesday showing what’s…

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CCCC president: Demonstrations during Anthem no big deal, “not uncommon”

  Lee County’s online snowflake newsletter and certified “safe space” is bending over backwards to defend the local community college’s defense of its students’ brazen disrespect of The National Anthem: Republican Lee County Commissioner Kirk Smith has suggested that Central Carolina Community College basketball players “ignored Federal Law” by locking their arms in what the school has described as a non-political “show of unity” during the national anthem before a…

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Lee County pols apologize for, distance selves from ICE raid in Sanford

  Relax, Lee County.  SOME of your gutless political leaders really want you to know they had NOTHING to do with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement service’s Tuesday raid in Sanford aimed at actually enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.   HERE is the sheriff of Lee County: *This wasn’t random.  This was something the feds cooked up.  We just came along for the ride at the last minute.* And HERE…

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Community College staff aided illegal alien evasion of ICE?

Judging from this group text sent out by Sanford-based Central Carolina Community College’s English-As-A-Second-Language (ESL) department, THAT is what happened: On Tuesday, agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) service raided a Sanford area business (specializing in machine gun manufacturing). At least 30 people were arrested on charges relating to fraud and identity falsification. Local media noted that just about every local business in town owned by Hispanics,…