Is your church showing The Round Rev some love?

The plate gets passed every Sunday.  Money is dumped in there, and is sent off to pay for stuff within and outside of the church.  Do you really have any idea where it’s going — in terms of those outside projects?

That bloated cheri-curled jackass Bill Barber, —  best known for his racial demagoguery, his rants against all things Republican, riots in the legislative building, and taking cash from George Soros — had made it to the national stage.  He heads something called “The Poor People’s Campaign” and it appears SOMEBODY made him a bishop.    Go to the PPC’s home page and you get hit with this charming piece of drivel:

The Poor People’s Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival
is uniting tens of thousands of people across
the country to challenge the evils of
systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, ecological devastation and the nation’s distorted morality.


It may or may not surprise you to see some of the organizations backing this flaming pile of evil:

  • Coalition Against US foreign military bases
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • National Black Justice Coalition
  • People’s Climate Movement
  • Global Women’s Strike
  • SEIU
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • American Federation of Government Employees
  • Interfaith Moral Action on Climate
  • Showing up for Racial Justice
  • Revolutionary Love Project

Now, here come some of the more troubling backers:

  • The United Methodist Church
  • United Methodist Women
  • The Episcopal Church
  • Presbyterian  Church (USA)
  • United Church of Christ
  • National Council of Churches

So.  These organizations get tax-exempt status for being churches.  And they send money and support to radical leftists who undermine our military, openly

campaign against and attack The Republican Party, and campaign 24-7-365 for Marxist revolution.

They got Hollywood and our culture.  They got the driveby media.  They’ve got our education system.  Now they’re trying to nail down organized religion.

The last leaders of the Soviet Union attribute their fall to the strength of The Catholic Church and other organized religions.  Undermining and corrupting our religious institutions from within is  a great way to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself, eh?

12 thoughts on “Is your church showing The Round Rev some love?

  1. It’s unfortunate that this particular group of “churches” have been Social Justice focused for as long as I can remember. They consistently support a “woman’s right to choose” (to kill her unborn baby) and LGBT rights, especially putting them in the pulpit and performing their “marriages”. They are also losing in attendance as fewer young people want to sit out one hour a week in ” high churches”. Perhaps they’ll become even more irrelevant as they become even less like true churches.

  2. I left the United Methodist Church decades ago due to their social gospel nonsense and joined the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. It has just gotten worse with the Methodists.

    Some of these social gospel churches have lurched even farther left and gotten almost to liberation theology. They are hemoraging members because people are waking up to their extremist political ideology. They remind me of the Russian Orthodox Church in Soviet times which was riddled with KGB operatives. Indeed, that church’s representative to the World Council of Churches held the rank of Major General in the KGB.

    Supporting William Barber’s extremist organization is par for the course for the extremists leading these social gospel / liberation theology churches. Anyone following Barber;s career would know he is a far left extremist. Barber almost single handedly changed the NAACP in North Carolina from a respectable organization into what became the National Association for the Advancement of Communist Principles.

    I am sort of surprised that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is not on the list as they have also been subverted by the social gospel. Any conservative Lutherans should leave them and join either the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church or the Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Church.

    1. Believe me, the Catholic Church is also fully along for the ride. The records of their financial support are hard to come by, but are there if you know where to look. They have been aligned with Alinsky type of organizations in NC for years.(Two ecumenical community service ministries in Durham come immediately to mind) Social justice is the theme of the day for most NC Catholic parishes. I continue to be Catholic, but avoid financially supporting the part that gives my money to the social justice warriors.

  3. And the NRA channels millions of $$$ from Russia to the Rich Man’s Trump Campaign. A GOP committee confirms that detail.

    1. How about a link PBJ?

      I am much more comfortable with any Russia support for Trump than I am with supporting Bully Barber. I am going to have to re-think my financial giving to the UMC even though I am at an actual Conservative church in the district.

          1. How is the Committee on the Judiciary fake news? It is the investigating body headed up by GOP Grassley.

  4. Has anyone heard a single N C dem denounce their affiliation with Barber and Soros? I haven’t. That alone, if used correctly, should be enough to defeat any and all leftists in the next two elections. Emphasis on SHOULD.

    Browny Douglas

    1. Soros, who was an admitted Nazi collaborator in his youth in his native Hungary, maxed out to our neo-communist governor Roy Cooper’s campaign, and I believe he did to Josh Stein as well. The radical left runs the Democrat Party in NC today.

    2. The majority of the public does not understand what a leftist is and many of the ones that do understand still support them and are not willing to speak out against them

      America has lots its moral clarity that includes both Democrats and sadly many so called Republicans

      and when conservatives do trying to fight back against the leftist culture straight to #FacebookJail they go

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