MORE free day care, courtesy of the NCGOPe

The NC House Republican leadership is on the verge of helping Governor Roy Cooper keep another campaign promise:

In a moment of bipartisan agreement, North Carolina lawmakers could eliminate the waiting list for free preschool in their budget negotiations this year.

That would be huge news for thousands of parents across the state. Last year, nearly 5,000 children were on a waiting list for NC Pre-K, the state-run program that prepares 4-year-olds for school.

Rep. David Lewis, a Harnett County Republican who is the vice-chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, said that if the House budget passes then it will create enough new classroom seats so that no children are turned down.

“The waiting list for Pre-K is over in the House budget,” he said.[…]

Oh, yes. The lone Republican vote in favor of expanding Medicaid and accepting ObamaCare.  (By the way, what IS the status on that ethics complaint?)


[…] And what about the bipartisan angle?

If this provision ends up becoming law after the N.C. General Assembly finished its budget negotiations, it would also fulfill a campaign promise that Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper made last year.

Cooper said he would work to expand NC Pre-K. It serves military families, low-income families and families whose children have special needs or other “at-risk” circumstances.[…]

Wow.  Our Democrat governor is knocking out those campaign promises. (Who needs a Democrat majority?)

He got rid of HB2.  Now, he’s expanding state-subsidized daycare.  *What’s next? *

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  1. john steed
    June 10, 2017 at 6:32 am

    Every time we turn around, it seems, we have our allegedly Republican House majority bending over backward to support either Barack Obama’s legacy or Roy Cooper’s agenda. It is getting really disgusting. We need some primaries to get rid of these fake Republicans and put some real Republicans in their place.

    The Senate used to step up to the plate and put their finger in the dike for Republican principle but that does not seem to be happening like it used to. It would appear that Berger is getting advice to take a hard left turn for his Senate ambitions, which is dumb advice but it seems to be the explanation for the change in the Senate. This issue and the solar ripoff will tell the tale.

    Burr and Tillis make me want to puke so much that the prospect of another like them will make me skip the Senate race if that is what the GOP has on offer. A Democrat dressed up as a Republican is no better than a real Democrat. Conservatives need to stop voting for these imposters.

    The rumor at the convention was that Dee Stewart is Berger’s consultant. Brant, when you are pouring over campaign reports, please take a look for expenditures that might confirm that. It would explain a lot, such as the fact that Civitas dug out that Stewart is being paid big bucks by leading out of state environmental radicals to push the renewable energy scam.

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