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NC-03: Is that sulphur I smell?

  I knew that the wide-open opportunity in this congressional race would be too much for NCGOPe uber-consultants Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker to pass up. All sorts of indicators are telling me that this duo  are beating the bushes to get former state senator Thom Goolsby of Wilmington to move a little further north and join the GOP fray in The Third Congressional District.   Goolsby had a pretty…

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Therrible Thom’s really bad, really awful, therrible SELLOUT

  I know.  Talking about Thom Tilli$$$ selling out is starting to sound like a broken record.  His record of lying, backstabbing and all-around underhanded moves is so extensive and expansive that one tends to get nose-blind, or used to it.  My favorite line about him is this one by one of his former neighbors in Mecklenburg County: “You want Thom to come see you?  Tape a $50 bill to…

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NC-03: And then there were SEVEN …

  One more candidate joined the fold today in the special election for the Third Congressional District seat in DC.    Shannon Wilson Bray of Apex filed for the seat as a Libertarian.  What is it about Wake County residents filing for this seat?  Phil Law is IN.  Francis DeLuca says he’s coming.  So has Wake resident Jeff Moore.    (Law and DeLuca each bought dumpy houses in the district…

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NC-09: Is the jig finally UP?

  They had a high-profile show trial that saw Rev. Mark Harris personally ruined.  McCrae Dowless got indicted and arrested.  And Ginger McCready’s political fortunes got revived as authorities reversed his November 2018 905-vote defeat.  And the driveby media dutifully took dictation and regurgitated slander and misinformation. It now appears that, after all that devastation and destruction, authorities are backing off what they’ve done and saying “Oh, never mind.” How…

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NC-09: WHY are the leftist loons so freakin’ scared of Stony Rushing?

  Maybe it’s the fact he knows his way around firearms.  Maybe it’s because he’s not afraid to “whup some ass” when a rival throws shade his way. But the “peace & love” crowd is frantically contorting itself into all sorts of unholy rage over the very existence of one Stony Rushing.  He’s a Union County commissioner, a Republican, a dreaded gun shop owner who once dressed up as the…

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NC-03: Put up or shut up time

  It’s easy to talk a lot of junk.  It’s another thing altogether to pay a filing fee and sign your name on the dotted line.  The filing for the special election to replace the late Walter Jones in the US House of Representatives kicked off today. So far, we have TWO Democrats and FOUR Republicans who have stepped forward. New Bern mayor Dana Outlaw was a surprise Democrat filer….

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Did NCGOP attorney aid / abet leftist hit on GOP congressional candidate?

  It sure looks like that. Social media is alive with buzz about an article in  Popular Information, a new website helmed by various and sundry alumni of the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama political machines.    The target of the article?  Union County commissioner Stony Rushing (R), who was endorsed by the embattled Mark Harris to seek the GOP nomination in the special election for The Ninth Congressional District….

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NC-03: Nix quits NCGOP

  The NCGOP vice-chairman post, that is.  Here’s our boy Dallas: You would think Dallas was a BOSS giving a sendoff to a respected, departing employee.  WOW.  It’s been one of the worst kept secrets out there that Michele Nix was running for Congress.  Who can forget, back in the waning days of the  2018 primary campaign for the Third district, when  she was chasing down Walter Jones seeking his…

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NC-09: Team Soros, Team Hillary, Team Obama & WRAL come after Stony Rushing

  I don’t know much about this guy.  But I’m starting to like him more and more.  He certainly has ALL the right enemies gunning  for him.  (And he doesn’t appear shy about punching back at them.) Lefties will gladly tell you WHO scares them the most.  THAT is usually who they hit the hardest.   First, this slime started appearing on Twitter: Any group you see featuring the  name…

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NC-09: More from McCrae

  Some things we’ve learned NO THANKS to this state’s worthless lazy drive by media: (1) There may very well have been other paid operatives in Bladen County doing for the Democrats exactly (or worse than) what McCrae Dowless was doing for Mark Harris. (2) There are credible reports coming out of Robeson County about a BOX of absentee ballots returned to the Robeson County Board of Elections office in…