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Retiring NC Senator Blake says Tillman best choice to represent Moore County in Raleigh

          Senator Harris Blake has won a lot of friends and supporters during his long tenure representing Moore County in the state Senate.  Retiring this year, Blake has sounded off about which of the three GOP candidates for District 29 will have his vote: The 29th District includes all of Moore County and most of Randolph County. The incumbent, Republican Sen. Jerry Tillman, of Archdale in…

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When leftist editorialists attack ..

Our local paper here in Moore County still won’t print the full text of the constitutional amendment we’re voting on in May.  And why would they?  It makes it so much easier to mischaracterize and JUST PLAIN LIE about the amendment when you keep people in the dark about what it really says.  It’s tough being a leftist these days.   The state Democrat Party is torn up with scandal…

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The marriage amendment and political whiplash

      It’s unfortunately not all that unusual to see political leaders stop on a dime and change directions on political issues — just to score points with the media and interest groups.  North Carolina State House majority leader Paul Stam (R-Wake) has taken an opportunity to point out some of the folks in North Carolina politics who are currently opposing the marriage amendment to the state constitution that…

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GOP candidate for NC Senate in Guilford picks up the tab for strapped drivers

  Trudy Wade, a Republican member of the Greensboro City Council, is running to represent the Greensboro area in the NCGA’s upper chamber.  She and her volunteers sponsored and manned an event at a gas station where the campaign pumped gas, and  paid the tax for up to 20 gallons of gas for every driver that pulled in.  The event clearly called attention to the fact that the General Assembly…

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Once you open the tax dollar spigot, it’s doggone tough to turn it off

            A story in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal illustrates this point beautifully: When the University of Wyoming needed an extra $10 million for renovations to its basketball arena last month, state legislators turned to an unlikely source: a federal fund for cleaning up abandoned coal mines. The fund was set up to pay for things like sealing up old mine shafts and…

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N&O launching a political campaign fact check blog. (No, seriously.)

The announcement by The Ol’ Reliable that they are getting into the fact-check business is being met with some dismay, derision, and suspicion, as you can infer from the comments below the story. Yep. The lefties are all correct, and the folks on the right are WRONG, MISLEADING, DISINGENUOUS, yadda yadda yadda …. One would suspect that would be the theme of such an undertaking by the paper that used…

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Woman behaving badly too at NC Dem HQ?

  The N&O’s political ace John Frank is reporting via Twitter that the state Democrat Party 1st vice-chairman, who would succeed chairman David Parker if he is forced out, has a “lengthy” record of bad check charges.  According to Frank, that criminal record would not keep her from ascending to the chairman’s post IF Parker leaves. Of course it wouldn’t be a big deal to the folks at Dem HQ….

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Men behaving badly at NC Democrat HQ

      I CANNOT believe what I am reading in The N&O.  (John Frank — who subscribes to us via email, by the way — is so going to get fired.  First, he reports Bev’s lunacy about canceling elections. And now, this.  Relax, John.  If they toss you, we’ll make room for you over here.) Such bawdiness, brought to us from the same crowd who crucified Herman Cain and…

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Barry Obama ate a DOG !!! (doo-dah, doo-dah)

          Nope.  This is not a late April Fool’s joke.  Nope. I did not get this from The Enquirer.  This comes from Barry Obama’s own book:   It’s been obvious since the White House started to capitalize on the 1983 story of Seamus, a dog owned by Mitt and Ann Romney that famously got diarrhea during a vacation after riding in a dog carrier on top of the…

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Get over it. No — On second thought — GET OUT.

          Lame-duck Bev finally decided that she HAD to speak up on the man-on-man sex scandal at state Democrat Party HQ.   On Tuesday, she told the press they just need to“Get Over it.”  By Tuesday evening, someone had apparently gotten to her — put her in a headlock — and, um, “explained” to her that she IS the head of the Democrat Party and needs…