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Here we go again: Berger makes sense on reparations, Tillis DOES NOT

    Let’s recap.  We have record unemployment, and one of the highest gas tax burdens in America.  We have the third highest amount of debt to the federal government — to the tune of $2.5 billion and counting — in THE NATION.  Meanwhile, the state is GIVING away valuable pieces of property.   Never mind selling some stuff to raise revenue to pay off that debt.   Tillis and his lieutenants…

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Robin Hayes’s battle with foot-in-mouth disease

        I am really amazed that Robin Hayes survived as long as he did in Washington.  I’ve seen plenty of video of him in action as NCGOP chairman.  It appears that his brain and his mouth have a laissez-faire relationship.  Whatever happens, happens. No self-policing measures whatsoever.   That relationship seems to be most noticeable when Herr Chairman steps in front of a camera.  For example: Here,…

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Deafening silence on ObamaCare from leaders of ‘conservative revolution’ in Raleigh

      Gov Bill Haslam (R-TN), a moderate who campaigned for Pat McCrory this year, has announced his state will refuse to establish a health exchange called for in the federal  ObamaCare legislation.   That makes 24 of the 50 states that have gone on the record in opposition to cooperating with the implementation of ObamaCare.   Our neighbors in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia are all part of that group…

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Renee Ellmers and John Boehner’s ‘conservative purge’ on Capitol Hill

  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers has been proudly shouting to the heavens — and to  anyone who will listen –  about her great new appointments to The House Energy & Commerce committee and three of its subc0mmittees.   Meanwhile, we have learned that John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and the rest of the boys in the House leadership removed several Republicans from their assigned committees.  Their offense?  DARING to oppose the deal…

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Reports: Grassroots move against GOP establishment

Quite  a few details are leaking out about the NCGOP executive committee meeting in Cary on Saturday.  The long-rumored ascent of Wayne King to the party chairmanship has been put on hold — FOR NOW.  Party sources for months had been suggesting that NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes would step down today and vice-chairman King would fill the chairman’s post until the state convention, where King would run for a full…

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Things that make you go HMMMM: The Council of State and THAT ‘indebtedness’ vote

              Most of the news about the Council of State meeting this week focused on  the Dorothea Dix hullaballoo.  But if you read a little further into the meeting agenda, you noticed a proposal from state treasurer Janet Cowell to allow the state to take on an additional $456 million in debt. Of course, there was a list of college, university and other state…

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Grassroots to turn up heat on NCGOP leaders re: ObamaCare on Saturday?

          NCGOP leaders have been patting themselves on the back  for getting Pat McCrory into the governor’s mansion, and Richard Hudson and George Holding into Congress.  Meanwhile, we’ve still got record unemployment and Lame Duck Bev has gotten the ball rolling on implementing ObamaCare.  Surprisingly, all of these Republicans who ran for office this year bashing Bev and Barry Obama are not offering a word in…

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NC State Govt: How about a nice tasty tax increase to go along with your recession?

We’re in the top ten in the nation — in terms of unemployment.  Of the 19 states STILL indebted to the federal government for repayment of emergency unemployment funds, North Carolina has the third highest debt behind only New York and California.  North Carolina’s debt to the federal government is bumping right up to $2.5 BILLION.  What’s the state’s plan for paying off this debt?  They could sell off some…

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The Palin-ization of Dan Forest kicks into gear

El Rushbo often says you can tell who  The Left fears the most by looking at who they attack with the most ferocity.  Look at the reaction to John McCain’s unveiling of Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.  Palin was a successful grassroots leader, with a rapidly growing national following,  who had been elected governor of the State of Alaska.  Leftists and their media allies saw the excitement…

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Tillis & Rucho: Pre-K $$$ BAD. $$$ for Panthers, Red Line GOOD.

        It’s quite a rarity to find myself agreeing with Chris Fitzsimon.  But I’m in one of those moments.  (What’s next? Cats and dogs living together?) One of Chris’s latest posts tackles the events on Jones Street — naturally — from the left, but does raise a real interesting point: […] McCrory has weighed in with a bewildering answer to an interesting issue brewing in his hometown….