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Moore County commissioners kissing closed sessions goodbye?

        It appears that Moore County government may be on the way to setting a new standard for transparent governing.  The recent kerfluffle over closed sessions and Bojangles with the Moore County commissioners has led to a decree by board chairman Larry Caddell: NO MORE CLOSED SESSIONS….

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Now that conservatives are competitive in NC elections, Dems and media want to CRACK DOWN

For decades upon decades, all was well in The Tar Heel State as judges were elected with the blessing of the state’s leftist-dominated bar association and their  mainstream media lapdogs. Lawyers were able to pool their money and control who gets the judicial — and attorney general — slots in…

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Vinroot & Foxx: Co-Mayors ?????

A letter circulating among political and business movers-and-shakers in the Charlotte area is raising more than a few eyebrows.   Richard Vinroot, former Charlotte mayor and 2000 GOP gubernatorial nominee, and current Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx (Democrat successor to Pat McCrory) have co-signed a letter on official “Office of The…

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If you think there is turmoil among Eastern NC Republicans, check out what’s happening in Mecklenburg County

        I recently had an eye-opening conversation with an activist who is arguably a mover-and-shaker / household name in Charlotte area Republican politics.  This person has been following the drama in the state House District 6 runoff between Mattie Lawson and Arthur Williams. My Charlotte source tells…

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Two more days to vote in the runoffs !!!!!

    Democrats AND Republicans have stuff to vote for in these current runoff races in North Carolina.  There is a Democrat runoff for Labor Commissioner. ( Not very sexy, but still very important.) Republicans have A LOAD of stuff to vote on: Lt. Governor:  Dan Forest, a Raleigh architect,…

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“Let the door knob hit you where the Good Lord split you!” — George Jefferson      The mainstream media was full of glowing tributes to former House Speaker and 36 year legislature veteran Harold Brubaker (R) yesterday as word of his resignation from the General Assembly spread.  All I…

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Happy Birthday America !!!!


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Gouging us JUST A LITTLE LESS than the Democrats did

    It’s being reported that a deal on the new state budget is CLOSE.    One thing that has been on the minds of voters is a gas tax cap /cut.  We’ve been promised  and promised a cap or cut in what is the highest gas tax burden in…

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Happy Birthday To Us!

  Today marks the ONE YEAR anniversary of the FIRST POST on this site.  We’re  a year old!  (I know.  There are SOME of you out there who think we have the mentality of a TWO YEAR OLD. ) It’s been a great first year, and we’re looking forward to…

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Editor’s Note Re: Comments on this site’s posts

There appears to be some confusion among folks who post comments in response to stories published on this site.  We purposely have established a delay in publication of reader comments.   This gives us an opportunity to weed out spam, as well as threatening, abusive, and / or profane language.  SPAM:  …